MindLink Air: Frame your focus

Enhance focus, productivity, and mental resilience with MindLink Air™ — the world's first fitness tracker for the brain.

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First all-day eye tracking smartglasses

In a world where every decision counts, mental agility is your ultimate asset. Imagine having a constant ally that sharpens your cognitive edge, improves your productivity, and protects you from burning out. Our eyes hold the key to understanding our brain. MindLink Air™ is your brain's secret weapon for staying laser-focused while you work, study, and complete tasks in everyday life.


A fitness tracker for the brain

Cognitive fitness 

Research-grade sensors monitor your eyes’ every move and provide insights to adjust your daily routine, reduce eye strain, improve focus, and reduce mental fatigue.

Work-life balance

Real-time sensing that tells you when you’re in a flow state and when you need a break before you’re tired. Improve your productivity without burning out.

Pinpoint accuracy

Highly specialized sensors capture blinks, gaze, pupil size, and eye movement metrics with exquisite resolution, from reading up close to scanning faraway scenes.

All-day comfort

Stylish frames designed for all-day use as a wellness wearable or everyday glasses. Customizable with prescription, blue light, and sunglass lenses.

Big performance. All-day wear.


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Improve your productivity

  • Get insights into your level of focus and cognitive load while working
  • Smart timers suggest breaks before mental fatigue sets in
  • Identify distractions and see long term productivity trends
  • Get into your flow state consistently, through personalized insights and coaching

Improve your eye health

  • Reduce eye strain and slow down myopia by measuring visual fatigue, fixation depth variability (FDV), and through coaching
  • Prevent dry-eye by monitoring your blink rate throughout the day
  • Measure the spectrum, brightness, and flicker of light that reaches your eyes
  • Get suggestions to improve your waking and sleeping routines through light management

Improve your cognitive health

  • Identify patterns in your cognitive health over time through your daily reading habits
  • Track your focus and cognitive load scores to maximize the time you spend in a flow state
  • Optimize optic flow throughout the day to improve your mental state
  • Prevent burnout by identifying triggers and the earliest signs of fatigue

Measure what matters

  • MindLink Air reports focus, mental fatigue, cognitive load, and eye strain scores based on ultra-precise measurements of eye movements
  • Hour 1: See eye behavior in real-time
  • Day 1: Start to establish a baseline for key eye metrics during your usual daily activities
  • Weeks, months, years: Look at trends for your key scores, receive recommendations, discover patterns and trends related to cognitive health, and track improvements in your productivity, eye health, and brain health

See your cognitive health like never before


Eye tracking while reading reveals a wealth of information about your cognitive state over time.


MindLink Air captures data robustly indoors, outdoors, and all around.


See how your eyes and brain recover when you’re taking a break.

Frame your focus




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Join our VIP list to receive a 50% discount!

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